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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here, dana, you know, it is interesting because instead of hearing from bonds' attorney and the judge and the prosecution as we have it seems at gnaws yum for eight years now, today actually sitting in the courtroom i got to hear from the jurors themselves and they are going to be the ones decide -- deciding barry bonds's fate. barry bonds looking considerably slimmed down from his playing days strides into federal court today. first up the jury selection. they would have to whittle it down to 12 jurors and two alternates. they were asked if they were giants fans. about a third of the hands went up. some potential jurors were dismissed because they were fans of bonds themselves. one juror said i would be loathe to render a judgment against a player like barry
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bonds. >> she would to work with baseball charter flights. it wasn't pleasant. one believed he was singled out for prosecution because of his race. several thought the government was overstepping its bound and that it was a waste of money. there was talk about steroids. some prospective jurors thought the media made too much of it. jury 24 said it is an uphill battle to keep her kids from looking at sports stars as heroes and "i'm getting tired of it." late this afternoon the jury of eight women and four men were seated. >> they will pay attention to the evidence presented to them that has been vetted by cross- examination which nothing else has up until today. so these people will be the true experts in this case. and we want them to be that. >> reporter: the judge admonished them not to watch t.v., radio, newspapers, facebook, myspace, twitter. not to read anything about barry bonds during the course
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of the trial. one frustrated juror said it was impossible to avoid the subject. "i was in the grocery store and the people in front of me were talking about it. i can't run out of the store, i've got ice cream and milk." nevertheless they have to try to avoid the publicity. the first thing tomorrow the jurors will come back in here, swear in and hear opening statements. and then the first witness will actually be heard outside of the presence of the jury. that will be greg anderson. dana, you no he, he is expected to say that he is not going to testify as he has in the passed. and if that happens, the july has made it clear he is going back to jail. >> and is there anticipation that we will hear from barry bonds sitting up there testifying? 8 railway. >> reporter: you know i highly doubt it. they have a strong defense team. they haven't set it out right here but i think it is unlikely he will take the stand.
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>> joe vascoe, thank you. another jury was seated in a high profile murder trial. the prosecutor just outlined the case against two men accused the murder of journalist chauncy bailey. >> reporter: allen, chauncy bailey's murder shocked the bay area because it may have been to silence a reporter. but also because it happened in broad daylight. the man accused of ordering that hit faced the jury today. here are the pivots players in this case. chauncy bailey, victim murdered in broad daylight near his oakland home on august 2, 2007. yousef bay the fourth former head of the now closed muslim bakery. the prosecutor made an opening statement today that ran for more than three years. she presented lots of details about how bailey died,
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including showing autopsy photos of his bullets riddled body. she recounted how the shotgun used to kill bailey was found at the bakery headed by bay. according to bay's attorneys that's all well and good. they admit the people at the bakery did some bad things. but as far as evidence that connects bay to bailey, it comes down to bressard. >> well, they are attempting to make it corroborative. it is very weak i think. >> bressard has cut a deal with prosecutors. a 25 year prison sentence in exchange for testing against bay. >> if chauncy were still here he would be one of your reporters sitting here trying to recover this also. i think it's very important to get this out to show that we need to stop killing. >> reporter: antoine macky is also on trial for chauncy bailey's murder. bressard is expected so testify that macky drove the getaway car. the trial is expected to continue for three months. >> three months.
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that's what i was going to ask. simon perez, thanks. if you are a struggling homeowner turning to the bank for help may not be the first option on your list. but today a major financial institution organized one-on- ones with thousands of bay area customers to see just what they could do. ann shows us some homeowners finally got some real relief. >> reporter: nice to hear. wells fargo holds these home preservation workshops in an attempt to avoid this, evicting someone from their home. >> i am concerned about everything. i just want to keep my house. >> reporter: in the first two hours, 50 anxious homeowners had already sat down with loan officers at this concord hotel to see what could be done to save their homes. wells fargo invited 2,000 people, primarily from east and west contra costa county to this home preservation workshop. >> this market has been hit hard by the foreclosure issue. and what's going on with the economy. this market is not immune to the unemployment, the high unemployment. >> reporter: we also saw people
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from other counties. wednesday son has spent the last year trying to get his loan modified but he always talked to a different person. today he got the results. >> the fact that there was actually a person here to move the process forward today. >> reporter: he got 12 months of breathing room and feels less in limbo. cancer and a lay-off derailed diane's plans to pay off her san raphael house. >> so it took me two years to get a modification. and by then i was $60,000 or something in arrears. and god bless wells, they rolled it to the back end of the loan. >> reporter: so can you sleep well tonight? >> i can. >> i will tell you for two years i didn't. >> reporter: wells farabout -- fargo has similar events foray cross the country. from the looks of somethings foreclosures and trying to prevent them will be around for a while. >> california is one of your big target zones? >> absolutely. california is an area that we are going to be going into multiple times. in 2010 we either hosted or
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participated in 213 events across the country. about a third of those events were actually formed in the state of california. >> john matthews lost his job at the00 auto plant and says wells fargo has been trying to help. his big problem is another bank has invested in the loan and won't make any modifications. he says he got some answers today, although not the ones he wanted. >> their hands are tied. and, you know, a lot of people feel bad for you. record but wells fargo did try to help him continue his fight to save his livermore home. >> from a business sense why does it make sense to do this? >> foreclosure is not good for anybody, not good for the customers financially, not good for communities that we continue to own in. foreclosure did he stabilizes communities. not good for the investors that we service and really not good for wells fargo. >> reporter: the bank says 2-3 people who walk into this workshop end up leaving with some workable solutions to
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avoid foreclosure. as for the homeowners anybody who is facing this dilemma they tell them to get organized and then don't stop fighting. yes. it's that wondering part, wondering when the shoe is going to drop, that's what hopefully a lot of people won't be feeling tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. some of these people have spent 26 months of sleepless nights wondering what's going to happen. >> wow, that's stressful. ann, thank you. [ music ] >> shipwrecked, marin county, boats are strewn all over richardson bay. one man's story of riding that rough wave. [ music ] reservoir levels are up. and when is it too much of a good thing? just ahead what water managers are doing right now to try to prepare for the next storms. [ music ] . >> and did i hear lynn mention storm? right now it is high definition doppler radar there is no rain within sight. but by this time tomorrow, the rain that you need to know
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about, as which witness news continues. [ music ] . >> a dramatic runway collapse on highway 1. today the new information on when that roadway may open and the impact on local businesses is just ahead. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some. . well, the wet weather is not done with us yet. but today's break in the storm is very welcome news for some folks. in marin county powerful winds and the high surf pulled 17 boats from their moorings in sausalito. several more ended up in other areas. mike with the story about how one man rode out the strike. >> reporter: that boat is called the lemonade. and today we really have lemonade on the rocks as well as about 20 others as you say
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who were ripped off their moorings and one man is lucky to be alive. saturday night's storm caused an angry bay. especially for those who live on it. >> rock and roll. rock and roll. >> they survived the night but noticed their friends curt's boat wasn't there in the morning. >> probably half a dozen people looking for him. we knew the boat was missing. nobody could find the boat. no masts sticking up out of the water to indicate that he had suffering. so just outlooking for him. >> reporter: they found him here ship wrecked off blacky's pasture. he had survived a perilous two mile ride in rough seas and complete darkness. he jumped in the water and rescued him, the sail dazed and confused. >> so that he couldn't get out at all. wolf had to actually move stuff in order to open it up so he could get out. >> curt is now recovering on another friend's boat. he wasn't hurt. he told him he just wanted some coffee and land. >> well, i think it's fire wood.
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i don't think they will be able to get it out of there. >> the storm made allemande -- lemon out of lemonade. 17 boats were beached around the bay. that is not uncommon. it happened almost every winter. the numbers this weekend were what were so uncommon. brad lived anchored in the bay. >> the winds get up to 100 miles per hour coming over the mountaintop slamming the boats. sometimes they would break free. >> the coastguard contained fuel leaking from two power boats. most of the shipwrecked were of the sailing variety. they said there was no significant leaking into the bay. most of the bets have been picked up by their owners. probably still a half a dozen left here on the rocks here. usually or mostly the older kind. and the owners will have a few more days to pick them up before a salvage company comes. >> and the owners get the bill. >> i'm sure in the long run. >> absolutely. >> all right. mike sugarman, thanks. the recent storms have
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pushed many bay area reservoirs to their limit. and with more wet weather on the way, water officials are worried about some of it spilling over. len ramirez is at the lexington reservoir with a look at a rather delicate balancing act. >> reporter: that's right, dana, most of us would look at this picture right now and say a full reservoir at this time of year that's a good thing. but water managers are looking not just at this picture but the horizon beyond. and what they see has them concerned. this is what it looks like when there is too much water. and it has to be let go. captured water let loose again creates its own kind of show now playing at several bay area reservoirs. and the grateful yet powerful spillway at the dam to the gushing white water of anderson dam's discharge pipeline. the outflows are quickly becoming a magnet for people eye cameras. >> that's crazy it threw me off so i tried to get it on video.
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i might take pictures as well. crazy, though. >> the recent storms have pushed the reservoir levels to the limit and beyond. two reservoirs are overflowing. others like lexington are brimming to the edge of the spillway. the late season storms have created a water management issue that tries to balance conservation with the potential of flooding. it can become too much of a good thing if our reservoirs are full and we get very large storms. >> so far there has been no flooding, although discharges have creeks running high and fast. water managers are now watching the forecast, trying to gauge how much of the pressure stuff to let flow unused out to the bay. >> a lot of different equations are in play to maximize the water supply, minimize the flood risks and hopefully end the rain year with reservoirs that will be nice and full for the summer. >> and nice and wet for the rowing crews. i have talked to somebody here from the rowing club. dana, they say that normally they only have two kilometers
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of lexington length to row. but because of all of the water that's flowed into the reservoir, they now have about four kilometers to train on. so that's a good thing for them. but again let's hope that the next storms that are on their way don't dump too much and that there is enough being discharged right now to make room for the water that's coming in. >> it is so ironic how many times have you stood there and talked about how low the water level is and the water table. and, you know, we've been just waiting for this moment. and now there is too much. >> that's right. it wasn't that long ago, dana, when we can actually say there is a little bridge. there used to be a town in there way back when before the reservoir was built. you can see that bridge that still existed, that concrete bridge. that is now a long forgotten memory. let's hope the water levels stay up and we don't see it again for a while. >> len ramirez, thank you. let's check in with roberta to see when the next round is coming in there. >> i am with dana, very interesting listening to that report because my first thought
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is how much is too much? because we have at least another three inches of rain coming to that lexington reservoir by the end of the first week. it is a stormy wet start to the first full week of spring. our live cbs 5 weather camera. official sundown is at 7:21. we are seeing some hints of the sky actually after a day in which we saw another inch and a half in the gillroy area alone. out and about put away the umbrella just bronze medal. seeing a little bit of a lull in the activity. it will turn most cloudy over flight. temperature-wise dipping between 36 in santa rosa. low 40s across the santa clara valley. more rain. this area of low pressure just bringing a chance of rain in the morning hours. but primarily you will notice the entire bay area filled in with pockets of moderate rainfall by the evening commute, the winds will be blowing out of the south up to 20 miles per hour at times. seeing a little bit of a break offshore. that's about it in the overnight hours on tuesday. otherwise, these showers will continue to drop all the way
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through wednesday. now, because of the power level associated with these low pressures that are taking direct aim on northern california, we have extended the high surf advisory for all west and northwest facing beaches in the san francisco area. some of these winds will still breaking up to 18 feet. tomorrow, with impending rain showers, numbers into the 50s, up to about 60 degrees below average. while we will have a shower containing on wednesday an area of low pressure that promises heavier rain and gusting winds on wednesday carrying over to friday with daily chances of rain all the way until this time next week. dana and allen, so far 16 days of rain in this month of march and we are at the 21st day. >> counting them up. all right, roberta, more to come. thanks. the effort to get highway 1 re- opened and why all carpool lanes are not created equal is coming up in two minutes. back and blam!..."
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six muni riders were hurt when a . >> well we were kicking back and bam. >> in san francisco six00 drivers were hurt when a big rig t-boned their train this morning. it happened at the intersection of third and 23rd street. the injuries were not serious and00 is investigating the cause of that crash. a couple dozen santa cruz county families are stuck in their homes tonight after a rock slide closed their road. the slide today shut down nelson road near sky meadow lane in scotts valley. it's a remote area in the santa cruz mountains. and from chopper 5 you can see the tons of rock covering the roadway there. the county public works crews say they won't get to that slide and won't get it cleared until tomorrow at the earliest. >> that's amazing. well, it's going to be a long month for businesses along
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highway 1. a month is how long a stretch of that road is going to be closed while caltrans repairs a section that crumbled into the ocean last week. the enclosure runs from just the south of carmel to big sur. mark sayre reports the restaurants and areas around that spot are high and dry. >> reporter: i object deed, allen, that one month is only a temporary solution. what they are hoping to have at that point is one lane shared by both directions of traffic. so definitely not a full repair in a month. in the meantime, tourists are simply turning around and local businesses are suffering. the sign just outside of carmel tells the story. highway 1 closed 12 miles ahead. but not until you actually see the wash-out high above the pacific ocean does the magnitude of what happened here really sink in. most of the two lane roadway simply broke away and fell into the ocean. many visitors head willing -- heading down highway 1 to big sur were aware of the enclosure
6:23 pm
including this girl and her mother who were visiting from georgia for spring break. >> we were going to drive down and have lunch at the hotel and walk around and see the area. >> reporter: like so many others the hackneys were planning on spending some money along their scenic ride. >> re-evaluate the situation and head back to carmel to find a lunch spot. >> just a 28-mile from carmel on highway 1 the visitors from points north would now need to take over a 150-mile detour via highway 101. natalie chadwik is visiting from utah. >> yes, absolutely. would have caught some lunch down there. i don't know what's in big sur. i haven't been there yet but definitely would have stopped. >> are you open? >> we have several dozen people a day. >> reporter: hoar us is the gem manager on the rocky point on the north side of the wash-out. during this busy spring beak
6:24 pm
period he says the dining-room would normally be full at lunch along with the outside patio. today there are only a few customers. he says business is down perhaps 70%. and it's not just tourist businesses that missing. >> most of the locals don't know that we are open. some are afraid of the road because when they heard part of the road collapsed, they think that it might be a dangerous road so they stay away. >> reporter: and today a contractor based in oakland was on the scene to begin managing all of this repair work. the very first step which began today stabilizing the surrounding roadway areas, allen. of course they are trying to prevent any more break away so they can fix that big hole in the side of the road. pretty dramatic to see it in person tell you that much. >> mark, did anybody down there tell you about the big sur marathon that's coming up like the first of may. that is supposed to run right along that stretch of road. >> well, we can tell you we did see some people actually going around the fence today. we are told by caltrans their
6:25 pm
spokesperson that covers this region that chp is going to be there beginning tomorrow. and they are going to flat output a stop to anyone walking or riding their bick or getting around that. whether it is fixed in time for the marathon or not it is unknown. you can't get there from here at least right now. >> they may have to reroute it. mark sayre, thanks so much. well, what's good for one road is not good enough for another. some roads have higher standards. why is i80 the only place in the bay area that requires three or more for a carpool. ken bastida has tonight's big question. [ music ] >> reporter: there are about 275 miles of carpool lanes in the bay area. all of them require you to have at least two people in your car to ride in that lane. all except this 37-mile stretch on i-80 between the bridge and the bay bridge. here you have to have three people on board. so why here? why this section of roadway?
6:26 pm
what makes this any different than any place else in the bay area? that's because this is the busiest stretch of freeway in the bay area and has been virtually every year since records have been kept. >> reporter: metropolitan transportation commission spokesman john goodman says believe it or not they have had. ov lanes out here for four decades. >> the carpool lane here on 80 was installed in 1971. it was a three plus occupancy requirement even three years ago. >> reporter: it includes the interchange and eastbound and south. to make any dent in the traffic here they had to get more people in the carpool. >> if there are two person carpool requirement, the traffic would be just as bogged down in the carpool lane as it is in the adjacent mixed flow lane. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good questions. in japan yet another
6:27 pm
setback. the latest complication for teams trying to cool down those damaged nuclear reactors. and then there is the world's newss hot spot. just what is the game plan and the exit strategy for america's military intervention in libya? >> we have had decades of neighborhood blithe, of vacant buildings and unemployment. >> the same old story on fridays's mid market street. can it be saved by twitter? why the critics say it is not worth the price. >> it is a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of persian. the vegetables do. at green giant we pick vegetables only when they are perfect and freeze them fast so they are as nutrition as fresh. [ male announcer ] old el paso. hard and soft tacos. ♪ feed your fiesta.
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[ music ] >> the head of u.s. forces in libya said today coalition forces have made progress when it comes to enforcing the no- fly zone over libya and installing forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. but the goal of u.s. involvement to some still remains unclear. >> reporter: record midway through his latin america tour president obama said in chile that the u.s. world in libya will soon shift to a supporting one. >> we have a range of coalition partners. the europeans, members of the arab league who will then be participating in establishing a
6:31 pm
no-nine zone there. >> the transition will come in days and not weeks, the president added, with leadership likely to be taken by nato if not an ad hoc command for other countries in the region. >> the u.s. had certain capabilities that were brought to bear in the early stages. and we believe we do have broad support. >> reporter: the consensus from u.s. officials is that the allies have been able to slow moammar gadhafi's momentum, most notably air attacks stopping ground forces from approaching the rebel strong hold. the u.s. military reiterated that applied forces are not supporting the opposition fighters. >> our mandate again, our mission, is to protect the civilians from attack by the regime ground forces. our mission is not to support any opposition forces. >> but some members of congress express concern as to what american involvement might be in a pro longed standsoff between moammar gadhafi and the opposition. >> i do not understand the mission because, as far as i can tell, in the united states
6:32 pm
there is no mission. and there are no guidelines for success. >> reporter: other lawmakers have recognize -- raised questions about balancing the mission in libya with outstanding obligations in iraq and afghanistan. in washington, i'm karen kaifa. and in japan engineers now say that it could be weeks before they get the situation under control at that crippled nuclear power plant but they are making progress. but randall pinkson reports not enough for the people who live nearby. >> reporter: workers at the stricken nuclear power plant have discovered some cooling pump where is destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake. new ones will have to be brought in. smoke from other reactors forced an evacuation and stalled repairs at the plant. they are working to get cooling systems operating again but officials now say that could take weeks. the top u.s. nuclear regulator said although three reactors have damage the problems at the plant appear to be stabilizing.
6:33 pm
>> today all three units appear to be in a stable condition with seawater injection being used to keep the reactors cooled. >> the u.n.'s chief is sounding more optimistic. while the situation is still very serious there are signs of improvement at the plant. >> reporter: but for those who live near the complex conditions are deteriorating. unsafe levels of radiation are found in food. and farmer versus been told they may have to destroy their crops. in the town the workers have begun building temporary homes. more than 70% of the houses there were destroyed. many of the homeless have been living in the crowded high school gym. to the south in tokyo, evacuated residents are returning home, hoping to resume their lives. >> i'm careful. i think there is no harm at this moment. and that's why i'm back. >> reporter: trace amounts of radiation have been found in tokyo's drinking water. government officials claim the levels are too close -- low to
6:34 pm
pose a risk. 140 characters turns 5-year- old. half a million new users every day. it has enabled celebrities and some say it has tommed dictators. but can it save a blithed section of its hometown. >> i have been targeting medicines 1942. >> who doesn't want a doctor with a little experience? the bay area man who just saw his 100th birthday and he is still seeing patients. >> how has aubrey huff changed since winning a world series with the giants? an incredible triumph on the mat is coming up. ,,,,
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could be in a line for a . twitter turns 5-year-old today. and the company known for its 140 character posts could be in line for a pretty good sized birthday present. phil matier reports the microblogging business is in line for a big tax break if it
6:37 pm
stays in san francisco. record at issue the city's offer to give the corporation twitter a multimillion dollars tax break if they move into this blithed office building. the thinking behind this offer. >> we have had decades of neighborhood blithe and vacant buildings and unemployment in the mid-market tenderloin area. we need to change the status quo. >> reporter: not so fast says former supervisor chris daly who calls it a corporate giveaway. >> we have a corporation valued at over $4 billion. maybe $8 billion that we are potentially giving up to $22 million in tax giveaways to over the next six years. >> reporter: and as it turns out, both sides may have a point. twitter currently has 350 employees and pays about $535,000 a year in payroll tax to the city. but in the next two years, twitter is expecting their workforce to balloon to 3,000
6:38 pm
or more, boosting their payroll tax to over $4 million a year. but if they stay in san francisco for the next six years, instead of moving to this old building twitter gets a $4 million a year tax break. >> how do you justify that when you are cutting the budget? >> well, it doesn't cost us anything if they move out of the city. we know for sure they have stated in writing and in public that if we don't do this they will move to the south bay. >> reporter: the idea seems to make twitter an offer they can't refuse and hope for the best down the line. >> if we don't do it, we stand to see zero tax revenues. and if we do do it, though, our city economist has said that in the coming years we expect to see millions of new tax revenue related to the fact that twitter is going to attract other industries. >> twitter is hip, facebook is hip. you know, if you are into that sort of thing. but the truth is if it's a corporation that is just padding their bottom line. >> reporter: now, that's chris daly. i have to say also that some of
6:39 pm
the worker unions in san francisco, the city worker unions are also concerned saying at these budget cut times why are you giving somebody a break when we are actually going to be cutting services and laying workers off? what is the trade off here? dana some of the tradeoff is honestly you put money up in hopes of getting more money back the line. it hurts now but make something off the side. >> that something off the side is those people are going to be spending money in the city. if they are at work from 8 until whenever they go home, they will eat lunch and shop here. >> yes. >> now, also when that happens, though. and the building rises up and the rents go up the businesses will find rent increases. as you know that has been an ongoing tug of war in san francisco and the bay area. you make a place that's successful and then it becomes successful and people go i can't afford to live in the successful place anymore so they move on. is that good or bad? that is the debate that's going on. my prediction, however, is in this case the city will improve
6:40 pm
the tax break because, one, they don't want to miss out on twitter. >> a big opportunity. >> they will take it. and already two other companies have expressed interest in moving into the same place. i have a feeling that this one is definitely going to be happy birthday, twitter, you turned five. >> spend money to make money. thank you, allen. it could change the face of the cellar industry. at&t plans to buy t mobile that deal is worth $39 billion. it would also create the world's largest cell companies. kara explains how it would impact customers. >> reporter: with news of the at&t acquisition of t mobile customers are already wondering how this will affect them. >> with the prices going up and being 65 and a set income. >> competition will bring better service. >> reporter: it will honor all contracts and service plans until the deal goes through. >> after that you will probably get folded into some sort of a system that's at&t. that remains to be seen how that will work. >> reporter: and then there is the question of service.
6:41 pm
>> if they combine forces and share their ideas together. >> i guess if they install all new cell phone towers that would be nice but i kind of doubt it. >> it may help at&t get better coverage in certain areas which verizon has sort of had as their little pocket could you please. >> reporter: one area mobile customers may lose is in customer service. the combined companies would have to close hundreds of stores especially where they overlap like this corner in downtown san francisco. there may not be a noticeable difference for t mobile customers but eventually their phones may not be compatible. >> you will need a new phone. so at some point yes, you will need a new phone to work with that at&t network. >> reporter: it could take up to one year for this deal between at&t and t mobile to go through. and we will be right back. ,,
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on this planet. dr. kim mulvahill reports on the remarkable career of a bay area original. >> at an exclusive black tie event a banner spells out a peculiar code, 70, 95, 100. translation on this night, guests are celebrating a 70th wedding anniversary. the body's 95th birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> and the groom's 100 years on earth. blowing out the candles is dr. bit. rahim. >> i have been practicing medicines 1982. >> and you are fine no aches or pains? >> this doctor still sees patients three days a week at usf medical center. >> well, up until now most people didn't know i was going to be 100-year-old. >> he was a violin prod guy. he loved the theater, performed in vaudeville, conducted an orchestra. and in his spare time graduated
6:46 pm
from stanford. and then life intervened. >> after long discussions with my parents and so forth, we decided that i would end my career with show business and go into medicine. >> reporter: the doctor is a rheumatologist. when he first started practicing medicine patients with arthritis were treated with aspirin, physical their and bed rest. that's no longer the case. patients can now lead full active lives. >> it's like night and day. >> reporter: 64-year-old woman has rheumatoid arthritis and swears by the doctor. no concern about seeing the oldest doc on the block. >> his faculties are all there. he enjoys what he does. he wants to help people. and i like him. >> the doctor is northeastern the world for his expertise. in 1979, he became founding director of the rosslynn russell medical center for arthritis at ucsf. the actor suffered from the debilitating condition. >> we haven't come up with a complete cure yet. but i wouldn't be surprised if
6:47 pm
we get it within the next several years. >> from high-tech movies to medicine he has seen a lot in the passed century. >> looking back i realize that i have had a remarkable interesting life. >> three children and six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. one of his sons also a doctor just announced he is about to retire. as for this doctor? >> i don't intend to retire until the good lord advises me to or the university. >> reporter: in fact, he still loves showbiz, showing how this rolling stone gathers no moss. dr. kim mulvahill, cbs 5, health watch. >> i think we need a remedy for this rain. >> don't we, roberta? >> certainly do but not going to see it any time today. our temperature span was anywhere from 52 to 61 degrees. and we got plentiful rainfall. in the gillroy area south of san jose we did have a funnel cloud spotted. but that funnel retreated back
6:48 pm
into the cloud. that occurred at 3:00 this afternoon. but look at the hefty amount of rain today alone in the bay area. out and about right now you do not need an umbrella. seeing a little bit of a lull in the activity. with the mostly to partly cloudy skies. numbers overnight dipping down to the midst 30s and throughout santa rosa and also the tri- valley to the low 30s across the valley. mid-30s coming across the peninsula into the central bay. area of low pressure out of here. and now on deck a brand new area of low pressure that promises to bring us some rain showers. maybe a chance in the morning hours. but for the most part the bulk of the activity during the afternoon. watch our pinpoint forecast. green on the screen means you need that umbrella. and we will see areas of moderate rainfall from the north bay through the central bay all the way into the santa clara valley, including the santa cruz mountains. we will see the shower activity continue all the way up until your wednesday morning commute as well. now, it looks like because of
6:49 pm
the power all associated with these areas of low pressure that keep barreling into the bay area, we must extend our high surf advisories through tomorrow morning. clouds continue to breakup to 18 feet at all west and northwest facing beaches here in the san francisco bay area. tomorrow's highs are very similar to today. but you will notice the winds increasing with the rain. out of the south up to 20 miles per hour. numbers into the 50s and up to about 60 degrees. this bears some explaining. tomorrow in the wettest locations again the rain in earnest during the day. mid-day to evening hours. about an inch and a half. and the wettest locations. add another inch to an inch and a half on wednesday. thursday we could see a couple of inches of rain with lingering showers and gusting winds. grapevine is open says doug marshall. he is from scotts valley. he drove it today and snapped this photograph and sent it to us. we want to see all of your storm related pictures coming
6:50 pm
to us. dennis, i got me a whole week of weather to talk about. i know. those rain totals are incredible. but i have not heard one person say there is not going to be a drought, is that right? >> you haven't heard it yet. >> i haven't heard it yet. >> well, when hanson says cut his hair he lost his strength. and can aubrey huff afford to play this season without the rally song? ,,,,,,,,,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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donated over 600 thousand dollars to the red cross in his native japan for disaster relief . ace designated hitter hideki physical matis sui has donated $13,000 to the japan earthquake and tsunami. the all star will be ready for the season opener on march 31st. wilson says it is like trying to be a public speak we are step throat. you can speak but what's the point? >> all of the bay area rain went south towards the rockies. although he struck out five he wasn't very good. the game was rained out just before the end of the top of
6:54 pm
the third. the rockies were leading 5-0 at the time the tarps came off. aubrey huff is tearing it apart in spring training right now. 362 batting average, 745 on base percentage and a team high 14 homeruns. the only thing missing in his game is a certain piece of clothing. much has changed for aubrey huff in the last 12 months. a leftover free agent. excited when the giants called him last winter. >> aubrey huff gets one into right. >> reporter: huff is now a leader both on and off the green for the champs. you coming in with a senior deal is a lot different than last year, right? >> no, just money. guaranteed money. >> yes. i am taking my business the same way i always do. go out and have some fun. and play every day. play as hard as i can and leave it all on the field. >> reporter: the giants would be thrilled with a repeat performance from aubrey huff.
6:55 pm
just don't expect an encore for one particular piece of clothing. >> world champion hall of fame? >> maybe next year in spring training. >> reporter: i read where you decided to retire the thong. what was the reasoning there? >> it served its purpose. >> did it? >> yeah. i take a lot of shaving for that for quite a lot of baby powder. i won't do that again. 30 games. it takes a while to get used to that, too, you know. >> reporter: it may take a while for huff to get used to a new position. if brandon belt conditions to force his way into the lineup and play first base huff would then move to the outfield something he did 63 times a year ago. where he play it is not a concern for huff. winning is. after playing on a losing team in each of his ten seasons before coming to the giants. >> i got a lot of making up to do from all of the losing i've done. [ laughter ]
6:56 pm
>> so i figure in the next three or four years of my career let's go to the playoffs every year. so that still wouldn't make up for it. it wouldn't even it out quite much. but certainly last year that's something that my first year to go all the way and win and get the monkey off your back to win that first. you can never take that away. >> an incredible story continues. maybe in left field now. while you were creating a new handle on twitter this weekend, here is what you missed. >> for the clippers. >> one of the best he has ever seen. >> a tough weekend for the clippers blake griffin called for an offensive foul on this dunk. fouling out on the play. and this incredible circus shot against cleveland. the blake show but a foul was called before he got it away. that will change next year rookie, you wait and see. >> they won't call him on it anymore. >> no, they will not. here is one that did count. matt barns beats the third quarter buzzer good from half
6:57 pm
court. pga transition championship third round this is rookie scott stallin he moves from 213 yards do you think this was a good decision? >> probably the right club to use. >> six iron was a good idea. >> arizona state wrestleers anthony born without a right leg. it did not stop him. the all american defeats the defending champion matt mcdonna 7-1 for his first national championship. >> wow. >> he thinks he is going to go into motivational speaking after he is done with college. >> do you think? >> that's an incredible accomplishment. i have covered the para olympics which is an amazing thing in itself. >> sure. >> to see him compete on this level against the best wrestler in the world and win, phenomenal. >> he's a champ. >> yes, he is. >> awsome. >> great, thank you. >> we are coming back with news, weather and sports at 10 and 11. >> enjoy. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins.
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